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California Bed

Single Tan $11.00

One Month $35.95

Two Weeks  $25.95


This unit is the ideal place to begin to acquire a Perfect Tan! A California bed has 32 100 watt lamps. It is wide and the lamps are close together, resulting in a dark even tan.

Maximum tan – 15 minutes.

Black Energy VHR Bed

Single Tan   $1.40 per minute

One Month $ 57.95

Two Weeks $41.95


This bed has 42 (160 watts) VHR lamps and 6 facial lamps. These facial lamps have 4 levels of user-controls. This Express bed is THE unit for the experienced tanner with a good base tan. Black Energy is the perfect bed to use when you have reached a tanning plateau in a smaller unit or your vacation tan has begun to fade.

Maximum tan – 15 minutes.

Cayenne Express VHR Bed

Single Tan   $2.30 per minute

One Month   $115.95

Two Weeks  $83.95



THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TANNING EXPERIENCE! This premium bed offers luxurious size (47 VHR lamps @160 & 180 watts) and an over-the top facial light system! Cayenne features air-conditioned contoured acrylic lounge and 5 built-in body fans with multiple settings, plus a face and body misting option.

Maximum tan – 12 minutes.

Avantgarde Express VHR Bed

Single Tan $2.00 per minute

One Month $74.95

Two Weeks $54.95

THIS BED HAS STYLE WITH POWER! A unique form-fitting contoured lounge acrylic, comfortable design and a massive air-conditioning system make this premium tanning bed an exciting tanning experience. 47 VHR lamps, 3 great facial lights, and shoulder lamps insure total tanning and luxurious comfort.

Maximum tan – 12 minutes

Matrix High Pressure Bed

Single Tan  $2.50 per minute

One Month $115.95

Two Weeks $83.95

UPGRADE TO A FIRST CLASS TAN! High pressure lamps produce a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan. These lamps contain primarily UV/A light for a deep golden tan. The Matrix has 22,740 total watts of tanning power for the ultimate tanning experience. By using a combination of high and low pressure tanning lamps, a darker tan results faster.

Maximum Tan – 12 Minutes.